At Orchard Eggs we take organics to a different level

At Orchard Eggs ® we believe that the excellent quality of our eggs and the vitality of our chickens depends on having a balanced and healthy Farm Organism. This concept is a basic principle of Biodynamic Agriculture, which is a holistic method of organic farming developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s.

Following this principle, we aim to recreate a self-sufficient ecosystem by raising our chickens in the most natural conditions possible. The orchard is the perfect environment to rear birds where every part plays a role: trees provide shelter, the biodiversity of the land provides them food and in return the chickens provide manure to fertilize the soil, maximizing the productivity of the orchard. This creates a healthy, balanced and self-regulated ecosystem where the soil life is consistently improved.

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We also use Biodynamic Preparations: plant and animal manure based preparations to promote soil life and vitality on the land. They are incredibly effective as they work not only with physical matter, but also with the forces of nature and manage to pass on the vitality of our land all the way through the food chain, making Orchard Eggs a source of vital energy that feeds your body and soul!

Our eggs are certified by the Biodynamic Association Certification Scheme, following Demeter International Standards. We are also fully approved by Defra with the certification coding BG-ORG-06. For more information on Biodynamic Agriculture visit